Google Dictionary Is Now Undefined

dreamstimefree 900879 300x198 Google Dictionary Is Now UndefinedGoogle has closed yet another property. The Google Dictionary is yet another service to get the proverbial ax. It is just another in a long line of abandoned Google properties, which include their web directory,Google Labs, and Google Wave, just to name a few.

Before the “Google is burning to the ground” reactions start appearing, it should be noted that Google is doing just fine on the financial end. The shuttling of these properties are little more than housekeeping and the removal of extraneous materials that people may or may not miss. Nevertheless, when Google discontinues something, even something as innocuous as a dedicated dictionary, it’s newsworthy.

That being said, it’s not the end of the world, although some are disappointed. Furthermore, Google is very a “trial and error” company, and if something doesn’t work the way they envisioned, and/or it’s not being used by the masses, the company has no problem scuttling what it considers dead weight. As pointed out by Barry Schwartz, a Google employee ventured to the Google Web Search Help forum to explain Google’s decision.

Simply put, they didn’t need a standalone dictionary any longer, at least from their perspective:

As many of you know, we’ve recently introduced a dictionary tool into Google Web Search to help you quickly look up the definition of a word,. Because the dictionary tool offers the same functionality as Google Dictionary, we’ve decided to discontinue

For your definition needs, you can type your query right into the search box and use the dictionary tool located in the left-hand panel on the results page, or you can type [define (your word)] right into the search box.

User Reactions

As for the reaction to the closing of the Google Dictionary, that’s precisely what led Kelly F to issue her response. There’s only so much of this you can take without setting the record straight:

OMG! How can google do this without any warning. I’m not a native user. So, I use Google dictionary all the time. It’s the best dictionary out there. I’ve starred a lot of words too. Now I don’t see a way to get them back. Please google make Google Dictionary available again!!! Definitely a bad move by Google.

The sources Google gets/got their definitions from are not gone. Is typing “Dictionary” into a Google search bar really that difficult?


Who We Work With | iQuarius Media

Affiliate Marketing Tips1 Who We Work With  |  iQuarius Media

Whether you are an Ad AgencyMarketing CompanyDesign House, or Business Owner, we can compliment your efforts you already have in motion by extending your approach to the Internet.

  • Ad Agencies – If you are running a media blitz, let us execute the Internet campaign with PPC Advertising, Social Marketing, Email Campaigns, and online Press Releases. Inquire about our competitive agency rates.
  • Marketing Companies – So you’ve thought of the perfect brand and message for your client. Now let us help you get that message in front of your target market on the Internet with Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and more! Inquire about our competitive agency rates.
  • Design Shops –  You do great design and everyone knows it! Which is why they want you to design their next website, email campaign, or e-newsletters. Let us program it for you and help make your creative vision a reality.
  • Business Owners – You signed up to be the “expert in your field” and have the freedom to run your business. Now you are expected to know everything about internet marketing and information technology. Let us help you take the mystery out of “new media” by assisting you in forging a well-defined Internet Strategy so you can get back to doing what you do best.

What We Are NOT

We are not an Ad AgencyMarketing Company, or Design House. We complement these types of businesses by extending your reach to the internet world. You are the experts in coming up with the best “message” — and we are the vessel to deliver it.

Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film

7132 142329196648 790061648 2554376 4912084 n Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film

Chris Domingo

On his 25th birthday, David Brachman decides he’s going to change his life over the next two years or kill himself if he can’t. So goes the storyline of The Last Two Years of David Brachman, a feature film currently in post-production and slated for release in 2012. Director/writer/producer Marc Casilli approached iQuarius Media to help with audio post-production, marking another feature-length film credit for iQuarius Media.

Shot in Central Florida over the summer of 2010 with a crew comprised primarily of current and previous University of Central Florida (UCF) film students, The Last Two Years of David Brachman is Casilli’s MFA thesis for UCF’s Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema program.

When the project arrived at iQuarius Media, audio engineer Chris Domingo got to work on audio post-production over the next several weeks: noise reduction, custom sound design, adding backgrounds and creating foley sound effects — all the while maintaining the integrity and improving upon the sound quality of the existing dialogue. Domingo, a perfectionist, found the audio post-production work enjoyable and challenging: “The number one challenge was making the [existing] ADR fit with backgrounds.” This type of audio post-production is meticulous work, requiring technical know-how but, more importantly, a sophisticated ear.

The film’s director would sit with Domingo for hours at a time as they pored over the audio post-production tracks.  When he was alone in the studio, at any given moment, Domingo would be focused on his tools, blind to the world around him; his computer screen would be an organized chaos of multi-colored pixels and tracks, each representing just milliseconds of sound that he was digitally manipulating. He hears nothing else as he works.

For iQuarius Media, an audio post-production project is a welcome addition to the office atmosphere. From behind the closed doors of the audio department studio, sounds of dialogue spill out into the video production room next door, and even the low-end booms of background music vibrate the back offices, where administration and the Internet marketing team stare intently at their computer screens. Of the noise, president  of iQuarius, Gregory Born, noted that it’s better than silence any day, saying, “I’m happy to see the motion picture industry alive and well in Central Florida, and happy that iQuarius Media can be a part of it.

Enjoy some of these before and after clips from the film.

Before Audio Post:

 After Audio Post:

Before 1 post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film Before 1 post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film
Before 2 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film Before 2 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film
Before 4 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film Before 4 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film
Before 5 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film Before 5 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film
Before 6 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film Before 6 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film
Before 7 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film Before 7 Post Chris Domingo Completes Audio Post for Feature Film

For more information on iQuarius Media’s audio post-production services, please see

Use Web Analytics to Become a Top Notch Marketer

google analytics dashboard1 300x279 Use Web Analytics to Become a Top Notch MarketerAll online and offline marketing campaigns should be tracked and measured. Let’s say you just wrote a blurb that promoted your website and there was an increase to that specific page. Without marking this blurb as a campaign within your analytics, what would you attribute the increase in traffic to? IN addition, having clear tracking for offline marketing, like trade shows, is an important way to compare the results of your entire marketing strategy.

Measure Traffic Sources. Find out how your visitors are finding you. Finding out which sources are driving the most traffic to the website will allow you to determine how well the search engines index the content on your website. You can also get the information to know if social media is actually working and which email campaigns are driving traffic. With the sources data, you can drill down further to strategize on what types of calls-to-action you place on specific pages.

Measure Conversion Rates. Getting visitors to the  website is the first step; getting them to convert into a lead or business is the next. Offering compelling content and clear calls to action will help to convert more of this traffic into leads for the business. Variant or A/B testing with landing pages and calls-to-action allow you to test which are converting at a higher average. Determine which keywords are giving you the best top, middle, and bottom of the funnel leads.

Ensure the data is clear. Focus on one metric. For example, if you notice an increase in traffic one week, can you tell what the cause of this increase was? You may notice there was a large increase of traffic from the blog; then, after drilling down further, you find that it was a specific article. This shows you that this specific content is compelling to your audience, and it would be a great idea to create more content on this topic.

Close the Loop. Most marketers are concerned about their marketing ROI and knowing where to devote more time, energy, and resources are important. Closed loop marketing finds out which campaigns are driving the most traffic, leads, and most importantly, customers. You want to devote your valued resources to marketing campaigns that are driving actual customers and business.

Proper web analytics can help you attract and retain customers and to increase the dollar volume each one spends.

The Effects of Media on Children, Parents, and Educators

Family tree Test2 297x300 The Effects of Media on Children, Parents, and EducatorsTechnological innovation has altered the childhood experiences many mothers and fathers and school teachers remember. Today’s youth are “digital natives.” Maturing in a world loaded with technologies, digital natives develop an instinct for tech culture and mastering new games and applications.

“Digital immigrants”—an expression that can be used to identify anyone that can recall growing up without computer systems or cell phones—often come to feel challenged by today’s current tech-savvy youngsters and struggle to stay abreast of a changing tech landscape.

But we’re still the adults here.

Parents and educators continue to be vital in directing the present generation in their technology use. Monitoring activities, coaching them in social etiquette, and having good old conversations with them about their actions online, are an important part of our job as adults, both at home and in the school room.

What today’s current parents and educators may be lacking in tech experience, they have in life experience. Applying conventional life skills, social manners, and basic safety practices to online activities is essential to assist today’s young adults in turning out to be sensible digital citizens.

[On that note, have a happy and safe Halloween!]

Music Production & Editing at iQuarius

music1 208x3001 Music Production & Editing at iQuariusGrammy nomination? Check. Multiple major label experience? Check. An arsenal of recording and post-processing instruments at our disposal? Check. The skills and artistry to use it all? Check!

Your audio is safe with us.

Music Production & Editing

Music production and editing affect the structure of a composition — melodies and harmonies, beats, chord progressions, etc., and the engineering — sound levels, equalization, etc. All stages require musical skill, performance experience, and thorough technical knowledge.

And it’s just as much about style as it is about technique.

Our audio department is made up of award winners and engineers with many years of experience, who also happen to be working artists — exactly who you want to be working on your material.

Mobile Media and Apple Are Bigger Than You Think

iphone app in cupcakes 225x300 Mobile Media and Apple Are Bigger Than You ThinkNew Cisco reports show that global mobile data use almost tripled between 2009 and 2010. It’s been tripling every year for the last few years, with video taking up an increasing amount of traffic. By the end of this year, it’s predicted that more than half of all mobile traffic will be video. 

By 2015, it’s estimated that more people will access the internet through their phones than through their computers. As a matter of fact, a lot of this increased traffic will come from people who don’t even have electricity at home!

Of course, much of this is due to an explosive increase in smartphone sales over the past few years. And it’s not surprising that Apple’s iOS and Android devices are the leaders. But did you know, iPhone users are more likely to:

  • Pay for digital content
  • Use their phones to make mobile payments
  • Watch more video

Apple’s Net Worth in Perspective

Apple is worth more than $340 billion dollars. Buzzfeed helps put that in perspective for us with a list of surprising things that don’t amount to Apple’s net worth.

  1.  ALL the illegal drugs in the world (worth about $321 billion)
  2.  The entire economy of the wealthy, millionaire-filled country of Singapore ($318 billion)
  3.  The Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Stephen King, and Twilight franchises combined ($49 billion)
  4.  All the farm-rich land in Iowa and South Dakota, at a price of $4200 per acre
  5.  10 years of silver production
  6. The economic cost of obesity in the U.S. ($300 billion)
  7.  The GDP of Denmark, ranked 5th in the world for GDP per capita ($337 billion)
  8. 45 days’ worth of global oil consumption, roughly $7 billion a day
  9. The combined GDP of Israel, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon
  10. The Great Wall of China , at $.52 a brick


As a business, mobile-optimizing your website is an absolute necessity to get and stay in the game. And mobile media development  is a great place to focus on to draw people in.  Mobile media — consumable content accessible on cell phones — introduces consumers to your content and your business quickly and effectively, and on an emotional level.

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