Regulating All That’s Left to Regulate in Social Media

After Mitt Romney’s announcement of his GOP running mate, Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), members of Congress took to social media to express their media

To their dismay, there are rules regulating official use of social media for personal opinions, according to one report

With the very establishment responsible for cultivating our Freedom of Speech subject to social media restrictions, it is hard to deny just how omnipresent social media has become.

For Better Or Worse

As a public forum, it’s ideal to curate public opinion and reach large crowds, but as a political soapbox, it could do more harm than good.

The solution? Congress members are required to use their personal accounts, making for no shortage of confusion for their many followers.

The Proof Is In The Punch

Unfortunately, for members of Congress, pro-transparency organizations like the Sunlight Foundation archives deleted tweets and publish them on Politwoops.

Social media

Social media

The social media space, even with its rules and regulations, can be a useful tool — or a damning device. That’s why it is always important make sure you have someone like iQuarius Media on your side because what’s on the Internet — stays on the Internet.

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I Got the Tweets Like Grassley

Social Media Decoded

businessWhen social media mavens put their heads together and analyze a topic, a pseudo social media manifesto is born.

Like any good analysis, variables and solutions must be defined, sort of like these listed in The Rules of Social Media. In the article, several tweets on the tenets of social media are aggregated not from celebrities, but rather from savvy industry experts.

Here’s What They Say

From top to bottom the tweets are fraught with absolutes and repetition. Most notably:

social media

To be sure, these ideas seem obvious. But perhaps some of the most beneficial advice can be gleaned from one of iQuarius Media’s Social Media Managers. As @ncosta818 puts it, “Social media is a compote of both the good and the bad. Embrace both accordingly #socialmedia.”

That is: welcome opposition, challenge adversity, and admit fault.  As a result, your brand will soar, your followers will respect you, and depth will be assigned to your message.

We Are Your Brand

No one knows your brand better than you. However, iQuarius Media is a close second when you need us, and sometimes it takes an expert to properly relay a message.

With our wealth of industry experience and specialization in Internet marketing and website design, it is our job to enforce these sorts of social media strategies.

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