Apple and Hulu? Could it Be?

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Apple and Hulu? Could it Be?

Hulu’s owners, which also include Comcast Corp’s NBC Universal and Providence Equity Partners, have begun preliminary sale talks with about a dozen potential buyers, including Google Inc. and Microsoft Corporation.

The video site is a joint venture of Microsoft Corp. and NBC Universal.

The purchase could help solve Apple’s $76.2 billion conundrum. That’s how much money Apple has in its coffers, according the Wall Street Journal and investors have begun asking Apple how it plans to put that money to work.

The Journal said that some investors are pushing for Apple to return it to shareholders as dividends.

The paper’s All Things D”  blog said on Friday, however, that while Apple has met with Hulu’s bankers to kick the tires, Hulu is not a likely target for Apple.

The blog says that although Apple clearly can afford to buy Hulu, its core free-ad supported business is not to Apple’s taste. We shall see.  Two media giants doing the tango. Where will the chips land?

courtesy: MSNBC News