Logo Changes With The Times: Do You Need An Update?

logo changeThings that change:

  • The times
  • Your goals
  • Your look

Reasons to update your logo:

  • If your business has grown (new CEO, perhaps?)
  • Your business logo was created more than a few years ago
  • Your business logo was created more than a few goals ago

Or maybe your logo is failing: People aren’t responding to it, or they’re confused by it. It could be as simple as your personal tastes changing. Or because it’s coming up on 2013.

If you need a new logo, call us and our creative graphics team — starting with one of our art directors, Craig or Emanuel — will sit down with you. Tell them what direction you’re going in, and they’ll help create the visual message and logo that helps you down the surest path to that goal.

With the launch of their re-vamped app, Facebook changed the blue of their icon to make it a little bit brighter. Here are some more drastic examples of changing logos over the years. logo




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