Social Media Marketing and Optimization in 140 Characters or Less

social media marketingSocial media hasn’t just grown – it’s exploded! Millions of conversations are taking place online each day.

Companies are being made or broken hourly¬†— sometimes in 140 characters or less.

Are you trying to find value hidden in the millions of Twitter and Facebook conversations taking place every day? According to Nielsen Online, social media networks and blogs have surpassed even email in global popularity, and are growing at a rate of more than three times as fast as overall internet growth. It’s now more critical than ever to develop your strategy to engage, monitor and analyze social media. If you have have been paying attention to social media, you will know how vital it is in laying the foundation for your success. Learn the most effective ways to both monitor and analyze the conversation.

  1. Get a clear understanding of your online corporate reputation.
  2. Interact directly with your customers.
  3. Uncover potential sales opportunities for your company.

Social media has many more applications than just visibility on the Internet. Companies are using social media for product development, recruitment, brand building, business development, customer relationship-building, as well as for public relation exercises. It allows for a more healthy relationship between the company and the consumer, allowing direct interaction and transparency.