• We are designers. We are developers.

    We are Big Ideas.

    We are ready to take you to the next level in your digital marketing efforts.

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    Whether it's a website, promotional video, business card, or brochure, we make combine high quality aesthetics with effective strategies.

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  • the perfect team for your

    Creative Ideas

    Whether you are a start up or a seasoned industry leader, iQuarius Media can compliment your team by bringing our unique skill-sets on board. Imagine having your own creative and marketing team on staff without spending one dollar in HR.

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    The prize used to go to the business that could afford the best TV commercial and the most air time. The Internet has leveled the playing field and now the winners are the ones that produce the best engaging online media.

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    We Represent You.

    A wise man once said, "Do what you do best, and let the experts handle everything else." We've made it our business to find your customers, engage them, and make you look great.

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Our Services

iQuarius Media eliminates the need for you to deal with multiple companies for your Internet solutions. We provide the Internet marketing and business development services in one location that you would traditionally have to seek out from multiple marketing and digital media firms.

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Design / Branding

When you see great design, you "just know." So do your customers.

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Web Development

We develop your web and mobile sites to be the core of your Internet marketing efforts.

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Internet Marketing

We develop effective Internet marketing campaigns to ensure you are reaching your target audience.

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Media Production

Your customers are devouring online media. Shouldn't you give them what they want?


“It is either coincidence piled on top of coincidence, or it is deliberate design.”

Whether it’s a one-off project, or an ongoing national marketing campaign, our workflow ensures that your product is delivered on-time, accurate, and effective.



We are deadline-based and we deliver.

There are no 9 to 5-ers here.

We are very connected and always reachable, but due to the nature of our work habits, any contact from the hours of 8 am to 10 am better come with coffee.

We are a collaboration

of brilliant designers, programmers, marketing experts, tech geeks, and workaholics.

We operate under the premise that every business, no matter how small or large, must have a well thought out and executed Internet strategy. We help define the goals where necessary, and implement all of our various skill sets to help deliver a well-oiled online marketing machine.

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Derek Steplight

SEO Specialist / iQuarius Media

I’ve never been involved in something so unique and mentally invigorating. There are more talented individuals working here than I have ever worked with. That alone inspires me to always want to strive for the very best. I feel like I have found the perfect fit for me to continue expanding my skill sets and to continue my ever growing hunger for knowledge and information.

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Renzo johnson

Front End Developer / iQuarius Media

I believe in building websites with lasting value, adhering to web standards, and incorporating latest markup trends. There is no doubt that mobile devices are no longer just the future of the Internet – it is here and now. With that in mind, I design for mobile first. Clean interface, responsive and fluid web design is my mantra.

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Shea Glenny

Internet Marketing Director / iQuarius Media

I’m so inspired by the process of making something work better. I love to find ways to be as effective and efficient as possible. Helping people, contributing to something greater than myself and having meaningful work are motivating elements that drive me forward. I am naturally an encourager, motivator and sometimes downright talk too fast!

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Emanuel Rivera

Art Director / iQuarius Media

The world is a very astonishing place. Things still amaze me. And I think that’s a benefit of being in the arts. For the possibility for learning never disappears, and you basically have to admit you never really learn it.

wendi photo 150x150 Home

Wendi Leatherwood

Social Media Manager / iQuarius Media

My passion is in content strategy, online community participation, and of course my personal interaction with our clients. The ultimate goal is to develop positive brand awareness through social media and nurture leads to sales.