Want To Know How Long It Takes To Rank In Google? Check Out This Infographic

So How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google?

In a recent study by Ahrefs, The Website Group presented an infographic that explains the time, on average, it takes to rank for keywords on Google.


We recommend taking the 2-headed approach. By using Pay-Per-Click & SEO together, you can utilize both for eaches advantage.


For immediate business, PPC will jump start your business presence and get you the leads you need to move your business forward. SEO will place you in the same places over a period of time and cement your rankings for the future and beyond.


A few key points:
    • The average Top 10 page is 2+ years old. The average #1 ranking page is 3 years old.
    • Only 22% of the pages created in 1 year are in the Top 10.
    • Only 5% of new pages get to the Top 10 within a year and of that 5%, it takes 2-6 months on average.


Courtesy of: The Website Group