Commercials: Production at iQuarius Media

commercialsCommercials target your prospects when they’re doing something they already like, such as streaming music online or watching TV. We’ll help you keep their attention for that precious few seconds with gorgeous visual and audio content, so that you can spread your message.

We start you from concept to polished product, handling your commercials content with mastery and artistry — whether your commercials are for radio, TV, or streaming on the Internet.

We can do all of these in-house. Tell us what you need for your commercials from this list:

1. A Script

  • We write persuasive copy
  • We keep tone and audience utmost in our minds as we write
  • We play to the “theater of the mind”
  • We’re concise

2. Voice Talent

  • We have experienced radio, ad, and theater voices — male and female
  • Our voices are clear and trustworthy
  • We speak English, Spanish, and Japanese fluently

3. Video Content

  • We provide full-featured, high-definition video
  • We can go on-location if you need
  • Our content will be sharp and creative
  • We know what looks best for the distribution, audience, and message you have in mind
  • Our motion graphics artists are multiple-award winners

4. Audio Content and Audio Post-Production

  • We write electronic and piano music
  • We have experience with major labels including Sony and Warner Brothers
  • Audio post-production will be overseen by Grammy-nominated talent
  • We can do backgrounds, sound effects, ADR, custom sound design — so your commercials will be textured, comfortable
  • …However, none of us can sing
Call us to produce your commercials. Or, if you have existing material, call us to help you get it out to the world through Internet marketing and web distribution.

$8 MILLION For Mobile Internet?

Mobile Internet usage is a social and cultural mainstay. Half of all local searches are conducted on mobile devices. A whopping 86% of mobile Internet users are glued to their phones while they watch TV. We average almost 3 hours a day on our mobile Internet devices — that’s over DOUBLE the time we spend eating.

Facebook, YouTube, searches, store coupons…  It’s all in the palms of our hands. And, it is absolutely fascinating how much value people put on their mobile Internet gadgets. And nothing inspires fanaticism more  than the iPad.


Here’s a light-hearted post as a little reminder about the position that mobile Internet occupies in our everyday lives. However you feel about this, it’s pretty amazing. It’s the world’s most expensive iPad 2.

The over-the-top gadget comes from super-luxury designer Stuart Hughes. It’s your typical Apple tablet but with a bit of added flair. And by a bit, we  mean 2000 grams of 24ct gold, a few dozen diamonds, and part of a dinosaur bone.

Here’s apparently what goes into the iPad 2 Gold History Edition:

Encrusted with 12.5 cts of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds, a magnificent total of 53 individually set sparkling gems dwell beautifully in solid 24ct Apple logo with rear section formed again in 24ct gold weighing an immense 2,000 grams. The unrivalled imagination towards the craftmanship of the iPad is down to its main front frame which is made from the oldest rock the world has to offer in the form of Ammolite, sourced from Canada this stone is over 75 million years old. However to make this masterpiece even more individual, sections of a 65 million year old T-REX Dinosaur’s thigh bone was splintered and then shaved into the Ammolite, then finished off with ultimate jewel, as single cut 8.5ct flawless diamond inlaid in its own platinum surround with 12 outer flawless diamond. 

This dinosaur-esque  iPad is being made in a limited run of just two units. It’s going to run you roughly $8 million. Looking for a better ROI? Try this.



Damage Control in the Age of Social Media

If you have a one-star rating on Yelp, or some disgruntled customers are taking their complaints to Facebook so that all your other “loyal” followers can see it, what do you do?

Have you been following what’s been going on with Fedex and the videos, spreading virally across the Internet and social media, showing their delivery people abusing their customers’ expensive-looking holiday packages? The way we see it, they’ve gone a few hours over their response time already.

Social media is the easiest way to build – and break – your brand. When you’re visible on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc., you’re potentially in front of millions. If you’ve got negative sentiments about your company or brand floating around the Internet, how do you swat it out of the air? What if it’s as serious as a company boycott organized on Facebook?

You can try old media techniques, such as issuing a formal company statement – and get promptly ignored. Blanket statements and one-way “conversations” don’t work. When you’re hit on social media, social media is the only thing that has the reach and the speed to fix it.

As business owners and social media marketing experts, we know this about your social media connections: if you ignore them or underestimate them – it’s at your peril.

From one end of the spectrum to another, social media is changing the game. Aside from all the celebrity backlash and corporate misfires that we witness constantly, it’s hard to ignore the power and reach of social media when we can watch something like the drama of a revolution unfolding in the Middle East through tweets and Facebook groups.  No one is immune – and that includes individuals, politicians, corporations, and entire governments.

How old media stacks up against social media: it doesn’t.

Kanye West and Pepsi

When Kanye West snatched a microphone away from Taylor Swift at the VMA show, he made quick enemies of his own fans as well as Swift’s. He won back much of his fanbase by apologizing on Twitter. Similarly, Pepsi was quick to take their apology to Twitter when they received backlash for an insensitive ad depicting “one lonely calorie” committing suicide.

What Kanye and Pepsi had in common was that they knew they were going straight to the people who cared the most. The point is, your followers are already oriented toward you, and it’s up to you to honor that.

The Domino Effect

Back in 2009, a couple of Domino’s employees posted YouTube videos of themselves doing disgusting things to the food they were about to deliver. It went viral with over a million views in just a few short days. A Google search for Domino’s treated users to references to the video – about half of the first page of search results. Of course, the news took off on Twitter. At first, executives decided to lay low and hope the controversy would die down. That’s when it snowballed.

Domino’s spokesperson Tim McIntyre said they were “blindsided by two idiots,” and that, “Even people who’ve been with us as loyal customers for 10, 15, 20 years, people are second-guessing their relationship with Domino’s, and that’s not fair.”

It wasn’t until they retaliated through social media that things started to get under control. They realized that a lot of the Twitter comments and questions were, “What’s Domino’s doing about it?” Domino’s responses weren’t being covered in Twitter. So, a couple of days after being alerted about the videos, the pizza chain had put their CEO on YouTube and created a Twitter account to address the comments.

By responding quickly on the proper channels, Domino’s diffused a PR nightmare.

The Taco Bell Lawsuit

If you get attacked through social media, you have to fight back through social media. If you get caught in a traditional attack – like a lawsuit – you still have to fight back through the social media networks.

When Taco Bell had a class-action lawsuit thrown at them saying their meat wasn’t really beef, they fought back on Twitter and Facebook. They linked to Stephen Colbert on Twitter to provide comedic commentary on the controversy; they offered free tacos on Facebook and invited customers to make up their own minds. The bottom line is that, despite a hit in overall sales, they still have seven million fans on Facebook. And the lawsuit? Dropped.

The Bottom Line

Social media has the power to accelerate and amplify your message and your credibility (or lack thereof). 

Success and failure can hinge on how well companies understand this.

It starts with getting into the conversation. And, just as in “real” life, being heard isn’t about talking the loudest or saying something over and over, hoping it’ll stick. And simply feeding commercial messages into your social media stream will only get you ignored and un-followed. It’s all about sincere participation. Social media has brought people closer to their idols and other public figures like never before. And, yes, to corporations and companies, too. It’s about sharing information, not manipulating the truth, so that what you are on social media honestly represents who you are and what your business means. That’s how you stay safe on social media.

Bad news and negative publicity can spread like wildfire through the social networks. But so can good news and good customer service. Proper management of your social media marketing is crucial. If you’ve got bad reviews or complaints in public forums like social media, respond properly. And do it fast.  If you don’t have time to manage your campaigns or keep tabs on social media, get someone who can (we can think of a pretty good team if you’re having trouble finding one). And be who you say you are.

No More Talking About Google

Listen, we talk about Google so much because, as business owners, we know the power Google has over our livelihoods. From gathering targeted customers to publicizing our accomplishments, to simply making sure we stay in touch with all the people we need to keep near, it is the world’s information hub.

We concentrate so hard on creating media and marketing our material in a way that keeps us in Google‘s good graces. To us, Google is that little something that we keep in our minds as we check how our clients are being seen, or how they’re being found, or as we SEO every paragraph that leaves our desks; or if we have something that needs to be shared. It occupies a small but constant space in our minds.

From Shatara, our Internet Marketing Director:

Increased productivity, international presence with a local feel, a professional necessity: those are some of the things that come to mind when I think of Google. Having the world at your fingertips (literally) makes it much easier to manage both personal and professional relationships in this age of informed shoppers. You can’t help but do your best to have a strong presence on Google, to ensure that your potential clients find your brand instead of your competitors.

Worth a Thousand Words — Well, More Like Billions

That’s why, sometimes, it’s a valid mental exercise for us to step back and see things like Google for the great social forces that they are. Knowing, in aggregate, what people are searching on Google is a sociological study in itself. Every year, Google Zeitgeist gathers information about all the billions of searches that were conducted over the year, and they’ve done it again “to capture the year’s 10 fastest-rising global queries and the rest of the spirit of 2011.” We’d like to step back for a minute and just hear what Google is saying through the power of video.

iQuarius Media has had a stellar year. Now that the end of the year is approaching, we’re all starting to look back at the year in review.  We think this video is a great little reminder of the wonders and weirdness of 2011. It also keeps us humble knowing that there are things that are bigger than us; it’s a fitting celebration for the coming holidays and of our wishes for you, our clients, and ourselves for an amazing 2012.

Zeitgeist 2011

Web Video Production

There is nothing like the power of video for communication, and the Internet is more effective a vehicle for delivery than any other outlet out there.

Web video is prevalent, pervasive, persistent …whatever you want to call it. It’s everywhere! Think about it — when you go to a webpage, and there’s text and a video box, where does your eye go first? It’s human nature. You see the video.

One of the reasons it’s so powerful is that you can jam-pack a lot of information into one web video. Two minutes of web video can say more than two giant walls of text. And, the point is, no one’s going to sit and read a wall of text, let alone two of them.

Why iQuarius For Web Video Production?

Of course, web video production brings with it certain format and time constraints. It has a specific standard for maximum effect that differs from traditional media. From our professional video and audio recording capabilities (including green screen production and on-location shooting) to our award-winning post-production teams, we have a handle on all your video production — whether you have an existing message or whether you’re starting from scratch.

Don’t let the small size of our company fool you – we’ve got big ideas. Let’s get together and talk about how to get your company’s message across with web video.


Basic SEO Strategies

If you don’t plan on using the services of a specialist or establishing a budget for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, you definitely ought to, at a bare minimum, make a few modest changes to your website.

Small details can have a powerful effect on search engine results and you will get far more website visitors if you understand what you’re doing and why. You don’t have to be an expert to get started. You just need a a little time for researching and a few days for executing the important changes to your website.

Keyword and Key Phrase Research

The most significant component of SEO is keyword research. You will need to determine which key phrases will drive visitors to your website and start composing a handful of posts that contain those keywords. There is a fine line between providing useful content for your users and publishing an article simply because you want your website to be keyword-rich. You have to concentrate on your users, and you should not position keywords and phrases in any other sentence just because you are seeking to boost your search engine ranking.

Link Building and Development

Another significant element of SEO is link development. If your website’s hyperlink is found on numerous pages, search engines will undoubtedly recognize it. Preferably, you will receive this recognition by submitting top quality subject matter and insightful articles and observations.

Stay Real and Natural

One of the most frequent errors website owners make in SEO when attempting to strengthen their search engine positioning is going too far. You may often notice content that does not make sense because a keyword is used in every sentence; or you may notice websites that have a list containing dozens of links as a result of link exchange. You don’t have to submit your website to thousands of article directories,  and you should not concentrate on adding your links everywhere on the net. This can work against you. A single valuable link is worth more than 1,000 links on new websites, so try turning your focus to quality, not quantity. If you think about what your visitors want to see on your website and figure out a way to keep them engaged.

Keep Going.

After that, it’s a matter of keeping fresh content coming so you can get in — and stay in — Google’s sights. Preferably, you’ll push out new content every few days. If you’re a company or individual that everyone’s talking about in their blogs, in the news, in magazine articles, in interviews and reviews, that counts as fresh content. However, most of us don’t set the Internet abuzz like that on a regular basis. We need to send out our own material and toot our own horns to get Google and the other search engines to take notice. And all this content needs to be tagged, keyworded, and promoted. Fresh content every few days — or more frequently, if you have the time.

On second thought, do you have the time? Don’t you have a business to run?

Our phone number is (407) 362-6503. Or, if you prefer, message us here.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Pay Per Click(PPC) advertisements are the sponsored links that appear above or to the right of search page results. Pay Per Click created the revenue stream that built Google as it stands today.

As part of your integrated marketing strategy, Pay Per Click campaigns can be the quickest way of increasing your visibility and reach. It can mean first-page search engine exposure.

When you enter the game, you’re up against hundreds of competitors. Do you know who is targeting the keywords that YOU want? How many companies are competing for the same, qualified traffic? We can help you find out. It can help you narrow in on opportunities that your competition is missing out on — that you can capitalize on. Pay Per Click campaigns entail bidding on the keywords you want and that are relevant to your brand. With our sophisticated techniques and intensive research, we can help you identify the best possible keywords that are being used by your target audience to seek out services and products that you offer. Careful targeting can mean customer conversion — more sales. Take advantage of our experience in bid management and optimization, as well as our understanding of the technology — and technique — that drives Pay Per Click advertising.

Social Media is Here to Stay | Supplement Your Business Website

social media marketingIf  you have been reading blogs about marketing businesses,  you’ve  been bombarded with talks about how social media marketing can strengthen your marketing efforts and how it is important to find the right social media company to represent your business.  While many website owners and business owners understand the influence of social media,  many businesses don’t think they need social media marketing to strengthen their chances of landing clients. Many business owners think that this is just another expense on their part. Truth be told, social media marketing is the most cost-effective method to market and promote your business. Hiring a good social media manager is the fastest way to dominate social media channels.

Having a social media strategy is imperative for survival in today’s evolving global market.

Once you are getting regular quality traffic, there’s a small possibility you could  stay visible using traditional SEO methods. The problem is, your competitors have already found an inexpensive and effective marketing resource and are using it.  Time to consider getting on board.

Once you’ve decided to hire a social media consultant and have created a foundation with different social media sites, you have started the journey. It’s a great way to send traffic to your website.  But, it’s way too much for one person to handle. It takes a team of talented professionals to deliver your message and all that you want it to convey. So don’t delay. Do your research and ask questions. Take note of the word on the streets. Find a social media company that you feel is right for you and your business. (We know where you can find a good one, you know.) Good luck.