Orlando, Social Media, The New iPhone, Whatever

chrisNice day at iQuarius! Can’t complain about the turn the weather’s taking here in Orlando.

Chris, our social media manager, got the new iPhone 5. We say this with a little sigh of exasperation, but also with a complete acceptance that iQuarius personnel are avid consumers of the technology we design for and produce content for.  We work on the Internet, but we also play on the Internet. We don’t just manage social media – we love social media! We produce websites, copy, streaming video, 3D animation, mobile apps, and audio post-production… but we also consume all of the above like there’s no tomorrow.

And, technically, there’s no tomorrow.

Tech changes. Tomorrows change. At any rate, it’s part of our jobs to keep up with the changes, which we do with confidence.

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We’ve been talking a lot about Orlando social media here. We keep it pretty light with plenty of pics, infographics, and the sort. Come join us if you’d like.

So the ability to take panoramic photos is a pretty cool new feature on the new iPhone. Here’s a view from our offices.

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